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The termites are also called as “White ants”. These are social insects living in a colony comprising of Queen, king, workers and soldiers.

The colonies of subterranean termites are located in the soil.

They Queen Termites Helps For Reproduction, It Live For 45 Years. Queen Termites Lay Eggs At The Rate Of 20,000 To 30,000 Egg Per Day.

Their basic food being anything containing cellulose, in search of food they gain entry into the buildings. Each termite colony has millions of individual members.

The tiny cream-colored worker termites invade buildings and cause damage to structure often long before they are discovered.

They consume and damage all types of wood, paper, hardboards, books, clothes etc. In search of food they also damage leather, rubber, electrical wire coatings, nylon, neoprene, thermocol practically everything man cherish to own.

Post Construction

They enter the buildings through foundation, expansion joints, lift wells, utility ducting such as electrical, telephone cables or tunneling through cracks in the walls.

They also construct mud tubes for their movement, which is a first sign of presence of termites.

They have ability to travel long distances in search of food.
It’s common to see termites in top floors of multistory buildings.

Termite control in existing as well as new buildings is very important, as the damage likely to be caused by the termites is huge. The wide spread damage of termites have necessitated evolving suitable measures for preventing access of termites into the buildings.

Whenever termite infestation is detected in building, appropriate steps should be adopted for their extermination. Once the termites have ingress into the building, they keep multiplying and destroy the wooden and cellulosic materials and as such it becomes essential to take measures for protection against termites. Periodic inspection and control measures are the most important steps in checking the termite damage to the building.
Whenever a new building is constructed during the time of foundation and construction at ground floor after construction at the outer wall, pesticide Chemicals are injected, in old building if termites are found we drilling holes in the junction of floor and wall, soaking them with the termiticide and sealing them

  • Types of Anti Termite Treatment
    1. Annual Maintenance Contract (1year warranty)
    2. PINAKA (Global Pest Management Solution) offers this contract for a part of the building.
    3. 5 year warranty contract
    4. This service is provided for the entire building or structure where all the sides are accessible for the treatment at ground level from outside.
    1. This contract comes with a 10-year warranty for the entire building or structure.
    2. A termite barrier system shall deter concealed entry to the building by termites
    Why to choose us?
    Because, We are best at
    1. Totally proven treatment results
    2. Professional service
    3. Non messy
    4. Odorless chemicals
    5. An absolutely new and highly treatment used in all developed countries
    6. Provides immediate protection for the structure.
    7. Relatively low cost and long lasting
    8. They present almost no exposure risk to humans and pets
    9. Most effective treatment because it kills foraging termites unlike regular pest control which merely repels them
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